Voting Information

In order to Re-Elect Judge Daniel Baranoski, you need to VOTE!  In order to be able to vote, you need to be registered to vote!  You also need to know where and when to vote.  Below is some information and links to register to vote, make sure you are registered to vote, polling places so you you know where to vote and dates so you when to register by and vote!

Important Dates to Remember

Since a Magisterial District Judge is a bipartisan position, we need the support of both Republicans and Democrats.  Candidates for judicial positions "cross file" and appear on both sides of the ballot.  This means everyone is needed to RE-ELECT Daniel Baranoski for District Judge in this Election!  So please remember these important dates to make your vote count: 


Last day to REGISTER before the primary – April 22
Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot – May 14
Last day for Board of Elections to receive civilian absentee ballots – May 17
Last day for Board of Elections to receive military/overseas absentee ballots – May 28
Last day to REGISTER before the November election – October 7
Last day to apply for a civilian absentee ballot – October 29
Last day for Boards of Elections to receive civilian absentee ballots – November 1

Are you registered to vote?

Click here to find Voter Registration Status in Pennsylvania

Register to vote!

Click here to Register to Vote online with PA Online Voter Registration

Click here to Download a Voter Registration Application to mail in

Click here to Downlaod an Absentee Ballot Application 

Where do I vote?

On Election Day, you will cast your ballot in a polling place, usually in a public building near your home, that serves as a polling place. 

Click here to find your local polling place in Pennsylvania by your home address

Click here to see a list of all Polling Places in Bucks County by municipality


Bucks County Board of Elections

For any other questions concerning Voting, please contact:

Bucks County Board of Elections 
55 E. Court St. 
Doylestown, PA 18901 
Board of Elections - 215-348-6154

Some services are also available at the 
Government Services Centers (Register to vote, absentee ballot applications...):

Lower Bucks County 
7321 New Falls Road 
Levittown, PA 19055 
Phone: 267-580-3500