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Edition 3:

Contrary to what you may hear; Judge Baranoski’s opponent is NOT the endorsed Republican candidate for Magisterial District 07-1-07.  Judicial candidates are bipartisan and cross file on both the Rep and Dem ballots.  Both Judge Baranoski (a registered Rep in Bucks County for 35 years) and his opponent screened to be endorsed by both the Rep and Dem Parties.  The county Rep endorsement process for Magisterial District Judge candidates differs from other local party endorsements. According to GOP bylaws, there is supposed to be ONE Rep endorsement for the entire Magisterial District to prevent local Rep committees (like LSRC and MRC) from endorsing different candidates. At the county Rep endorsement meeting in February, Constable Jason McEwen (the nephew of indicted/former judge John Waltman) feared that Judge Baranoski was going to be endorsed so he told several Lower Southampton Rep committee people to leave BEFORE the vote.  Those committee people who remained voted to endorse Judge Baranoski but since there was no quorum, no official endorsement could take place. There is NO Republican Party endorsement.  Judge Baranoski is endorsed for re-election by the Dem Party.   (Note - Judge Baranoski was endorsed by BOTH the Rep and Dem parties for his election in 2007 and his re-election in 2013.)  To see all Judge Baranoski’s endorsements, visit https://www.baranoskiforjudge.com/endorsements.html 


Edition 2:

Why do judges wear black robes in the US?
Upon the founding of our country, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson disagreed on what judges should wear. John Adams, our second President, wanted judges to dress similarly to English judges and wear red robes and wigs. Thomas Jefferson, on the other hand, preferred that judges wear suits. A compromise agreement was reached: judges would wear black robes, but they would not use wigs. The robe is considered a reminder of the law and a symbol of neutrality.

Edition 1:

Magisterial District 07-1-07 is NOT a new district!  The district has been around for decades.  It has had its boundaries changed several times over the years by the PA Supreme Court as many districts have.  This is NOT a new seat as Judge Baranoski has been presiding at this court for the last 12 years.  Lower Southampton Township was only added to this district in 2017 following the arrest/indictment of former DC 07-1-06 Judge Waltman on corruption charges and the Lower Southampton magisterial district was eliminated.  For a full history of the Magisterial District with actual court orders and more info, visit https://baranoskiforjudge.com/issues.html.