Magisterial District 07-1-07

District Court 07-1-07

The current Magisterial District of 07-1-07 is comprised of almost half of Middletown Township (Voting Districts of Lower 1, Lower 2, Lower 13, Upper 2 and Upper 4); the four Boroughs of Hulmeville, Penndel, Langhorne and Langhorne Manor; and the Township of Lower Southampton.  At the bottom of this page, there are maps of the Voting Districts for Middletown (these maps also include the above four Boroughs) and the Voting Districts for Lower Southampton.

Why do we have Magisterial Districts?

Magisterial Districts were established so each district would be efficient in administration for a state-wide unified judicial system and provide the highest quality of justice to the citizens of Pennsylvania.  This establishment of districts is based on population and judicial caseload for each area.  After every decennial census, in accordance with the Constitution of Pennsylvania, the county and state re-examines the districts and realigns magisterial districts if appropriate.

Recent History for District 07-1-07

Too  Much TrafficMagisterial District 07-1-07 used to cover a large portion of Bensalem Township, some of Middletown Township and the Boroughs of Hulmeville, Penndel, Langhorne and Langhorne Manor.  After the federal census in 2000, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued an order on August 20, 2003, upon request of the President Judge of Bucks County,  to reestablish the Magisterial Districts in Bucks County, which added two (2) new District Courts in the county - one in Bensalem (07-1-12) and one in Warwick (07-3-02) to be effective January 2, 2006.

Click here to see the original Court Order from August 2003

However, an appeal was filed requesting an extension.  So, on January 10, 2005, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued another Court Order delaying the effective date of the reestablishment of the districts and the creation of the two new districts until January 7, 2008, with the new vacancies to be filled in 2007 municipal election.  

Click here to see the Court Order from January 2005

So in 2008, the former District Judge for 07-1-07 (Joseph P. Falcone) moved to the newly created Magisterial District in Bensalem (Court 07-1-12) because he resides within the that district's geographical jurisdiction, leaving no judge in Magisterial District 07-1-07.  Therefore, Daniel Baranoski ran for the open seat.  Baranoski was endorsed by both the Republican and Democratic parties in the election in 2007 and was sworn in in January 2008 as Magisterial District Judge for Court 07-1-07 for a six-year term of office.  

The federal census of 2010 showed no dramatic increase in any areas of the County so the plan submitted to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court left all 20 Magisterial Districts the same in Bucks County.   In 2013, Daniel Baranoski was again endorsed by both the Republican and Democratic parties and won re-election as Magisterial District Judge.  His second term expires January, 2020.

The Most Recent Realignment Issue – the addition of Lower Southampton Township

Then in December 2016, the Magisterial District Judge of neighboring District 07-1-06 (John Waltman) in Lower Southampton was arrested and indicted on various corruption charges along with the other local officials like the Director of Public Safety (Robert Hoopes) and a Pennsylvania Deputy Constable (Bernard Rafferty).  The President Judge of Bucks County used this opportunity to reduce the number of magisterial districts in the county from 20 to 18.  A petition was sent to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to eliminate the Magisterial District of 07-1-06 and add that venue of Lower Southampton Township to the Magisterial District of 07-1-07.  The Supreme Court, knowing Judge Baranoski’s reputation for integrity and honesty, approved the order in April 2017 in order to restore faith in the judiciary.

Click here to see the Court Order from April 2017

“Open House” at Court 07-1-07 

The above venue change became effective in August 2017.  In anticipation of that change and to welcome all the residents of the newly realigned venue, Judge Daniel Baranoski (and all at his own expense with no cost to the taxpayers) held an Open House at Court 07-1-07 on July 27, 2017.  The event was held to show Lower Southampton residents exactly where the court was located and educate everyone on the services/functions the court offers.  Below was the Open House Brochure that was distributed in the Lower Southampton community and throughout the venue.

Click here to Download the "Open House" brochure

Statistics for Court 07-1-07 – The “State of the Court”

As a service to the residents and municipalities in District 07-1-07, Judge Baranoski prepared, published and distributed the below document “State of the Magisterial Court 07-1-07” at his own expense with no cost to the taxpayer.  It details the role of a Magisterial District Judge and their responsibilities along with specific docket information and trends for the district.  It also summarizes the financial reporting.

Click here to Download the 4 page "2018 State of the Court" report


Voting Maps for Magisterial District 07-1-07

Click here to see a map of Middletown Township Voting Districts - Venue for Magisterial District is outlined in black

Click here to see a map of Lower Southampton Township Voting Districts - all of which is in the new venue of Magisterial District 07-1-07