We are pleased that the following individuals (professional or personal) and organizations have publicly endorsed Dan Baranoski for re-election as District Judge:

Organizational Endorsements:

AFSCME Council 13

Bucks County FOP Lodge 53
Fraternal Order of Police
Bucks County Lodge # 53

Langhorne Borough Business Association

Lower Southampton Democratic Committee

Middletown Democratic Party

Middletown Township Police Benevolent Association
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Penndel Borough Police Benevolent Association
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Penndel Democrats

Teamsters Local 830
Teamsters Local 107, 115, 384, 500 and 830
Teamsters Joint Council 53​​​​​

Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters

Transport Workers Union Local 234

Professional Endorsements:

  • Josh Buchanan, Esq., Bucks County Criminal Defense Attorney (former Public Defender)

     “I have practiced in front of Judge Baranoski since he took the bench and I am honored to offer my full endorsement for his re-election. Judge Baranoski takes the bench each day and strives to give all parties a fair hearing. As one of the most accomplished narcotics detectives in Bucks County and the long time Chair of the Drug and Alcohol Commission, Judge Baranoski has the knowledge and experience Bucks County needs to address the ongoing opiate epidemic. Utilizing his background and resources, Judge Baranoski has been instrumental in the development of several early intervention programs to offer assistance to those in our community suffering from addiction. Bucks County is fortunate to have Judge Baranoski and he needs to be re-elected.”

  • Louis R. Busico, Esq., Bucks County Criminal Defense Attorney

     “Judge Baranoski provides a level playing field to everyone who walks into his courtroom – it doesn’t matter who you are or the type of case you have – he’ll follow the law and give you a fair hearing.  It’s what you want and NEED in a Judge.”

  • Robert Byrne, Mayor of Langhorne Manor Borough

     “As Mayor of Langhorne Manor Borough, I fully endorse Judge Baranoski for re-election.  He is always accommodating to small municipalities.  Judge Baranoski even holds evening court hours for some of our police officers, as well as others, who have additional full-time employment during the day or scheduling issues.  The judge keeps our borough up to date with any changes to the laws affecting us and gives us annual reports on all court statistics.  I also serve with Dan on the Board of Directors for the Bucks County Community Foundation.  Dan is always accessible as our local judge and active in the community.  He is proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be qualified and worthy of being our district judge.”

  • William Cowan, Jr., Esq., Bucks County Attorney

     “I have known Judge Baranoski for over twenty years, as a police officer, then detective and judge. Dan has always been a community leader. He founded the NAIVE program to combat illegal drugs, and was President of the Middletown Community Foundation for five years. He has always shown a keen knowledge of the facts and law with regard to any matter before him, and gives each party before him the professional respect and courtesy one would expect of a independent jurist. I highly recommend Dan's re-election.”

  • Honorable Jayne Duncan, Esq., Retired Magisterial District Judge

     “Judge Baranoski has demonstrated character and integrity throughout his judicial career. As the most qualified candidate for this important position I am honored to support his reelection.”

  • Richard Fink, Esq., Bucks County Attorney

     “I knew Judge Baransoki back when he was an undercover narcotics agent.  He has always been of the highest character and he has exhibited it by his truthfulness and professionalism.  As far as caring about his community all you have to do is read the walls of his courthouse to know how much he cares about instilling integrity and accountability in the people that come before him in his courtroom.  He is quite fair to both the prosecution and the defense which is exactly the way a judge should act.  I heartily endorse him for re-election.” 

Click here to see Photo submitted by Richard Fink, Esq.

Click here to see photo submitted by Richard Fink, Esq.

  • Noah Gladstone, Esq., Bucks County Attorney

     “ I have practiced in Judge Baranoski’s court since he took the bench. He is knowledgeable about the law and extremely professional. He provides a level playing field for everyone that enters his courtroom. It is obvious to me that he cares deeply for his community. He is a great credit to the bench. I wholeheartedly endorse Judge Baranoski for re-election.”

  • Jan King, Neshaminy Lead Teacher Health & Education

     ”I have known Judge Baranoski professionally and personally for many years. I met Dan through a mutual friend in the Middletown Police Department. I was teaching health at Neshaminy and was looking to develop a program about drugs/alcohol for my students, he was passionate about educating our young students and working together we were able to develop an amazing program for our students. He  continued to connect with our students and staff as the years progressed. After my own son got lost in the world of addiction, Dan continued to connect with him and support not only him but our family. It is rare that we have a judge that truly cares about the people and families who come into his court. To this day, he continues to follow up on the progress my son has made. Our community is blessed to have a truly amazing man who cares deeply about his community and the people who live there. I would ask you to please consider voting for Judge Dan Baranoski, a man that will support and protect our community. I wish you all the best! Good luck and God Bless.” 

  • Ellis Klein, Esq., Bucks County Attorney

     “I have known Dan Baranoski for over 25 years, since my early days as a lawyer in the District Attorney's office.  I wholeheartedly endorse him for his re-election as District Judge.  Judge Baranoski is everything you want in a judge - intelligent, kind, and most importantly for a jurist, fair and impartial.  He treats everyone who comes before him with dignity and respect. He is simply a credit to the local community.”  

  • Paul Lang, Esq., Bucks County Attorney

     “Judge Baranoski is intellectually honest, faithful to the law, and a wise protector of the public. An attorney appearing before him will always respect his decisions because they are rooted in common sense and the Constitution.”

  • Debbie Mahon, Mayor of Hulmeville Borough

     “Dan and his family have been a part of the Hulmeville community for over 25 years.  They support local businesses, community events with the Historical Society, Garden Club, WIlliam Penn Fire Company and the Police Department.  Judge Baranoski continually provides updates to our Borough about the court and its operations to aid our municipality.  He is always responsive to the needs of local government and our residents.  As I am an Independent, I apprecaite that Judge Baranoski is impartial and is not beholden to any political party.  I fully support Dan with his re-election as District Judge for Magisterial District 07-1-07.”

  • Steven Mawhinney, Former Langhorne Borough Police Chief

     “I worked with Judge Baranoski during my six years as Chief of Police in Langhorne Borough. He always made himself available when we needed him, and was always polite and approachable. When presenting a criminal matter before him I was always confident that he was attentive to both the victims and the defendants. And most importantly, that he applied the proper application of the law. I fully endorse and support Dan for re-election of Judge.”

  • Frank McKenna, Retired Chief of Police Middletown Township

     “I have known Judge Baranoski since he became a policeman with Middletown Twp. Since then he has been committed to protect and serve his community.  To protect ALL, No matter what race ,creed or color. To serve all citizens, victims, witnesses and the accused with honor and dignity. I endorse Judge Baranoski for re-election.”

  • Michael Parlow, Esq., Bucks County Criminal Defense Attorney

     “I have known Judge Baranoski as both a police detective and a judge and he has shown myself and my clients respect and fairness in his decisions despite the type of cases or circumstances presented. Everyone appearing before him will be given an equal opportunity to be heard. That is the true definition of an impartial jurist. You can't ask for anything more in our judicial system.”

  • Thomas Pfender, Esq., Bucks County Attorney

     “I have had the pleasure to appear before Judge Baranoski within a month of his first term and just as recently as two weeks ago. He has always been the upmost professional in performing his duties.  He is fair minded and always gives all parties appearing before him the opportunity to be heard.   His service as a Judge should be distinguished as dedicated and a credit to the bench.   In any civil action heard before him he always allows the parties their day in court and remains respectful and attentive to both sides. The Office of District Judge demands a person with Integrity and who respects the Law.   I proudly support Judge Baranoski for Re-Election.”

  • Eric Rayz, Esq., Bucks County Attorney 

     “Judge Baranoski is exactly what you are looking for in a judge.  He is impartial and fair to all sides.  You cannot ask for anything more than that.”

  • Joe Taylor, Mayor of Langhorne Borough

     “Being in the fire service for over 40 years, I had the pleasure of meeting Judge Baranoski while he served as a detective with the Middletown Township Police Department – a job that he did quite well I may add.  Now that he has been serving as a District Judge for our area for over 10 years, he still continues to serve the community and his office with the highest regard to the law.  As Mayor of Langhorne Borough I endorse Judge Baranoski for re-election.”

  • David Truelove, Esq., Bucks County Attorney

     “I wish the Judge the best of luck as I heartily endorse his re-election.”

  • Matthew D. Weintraub, Bucks County District Attorney

     “Judge Baranoski and I prosecuted cases together when I was an Assistant DA and he was a detective.  I've also appeared before him since he's been a Magisterial District Judge.  Having both served on the Bucks County Drug & Alcohol Commission Board of Directors, I know first-hand of his passion for getting people the drug treatment they need.  Judge Baranoski has always been a strong advocate for drug enforcement, prevention and education.”

  • William Wiegman, Retired Chief of Police Lower Southampton Township

     “I have known Dan Baranoski as a police officer for many years and also during his 12 years on the bench.  He has always shown sound moral judgment and he exemplifies all the virtues we should expect from a judge.  I wholeheartedly endorse Dan for re-election as our judge.”

  • James Zogorski, Retired Homeland Security

 “I fully support Judge Baranoski in his reelection.  We met while working investigations in the early ’90s, At the time, Dan was a Middletown Detective, with an extraordinary understanding of the law and criminal procedures Dan continually initiated and managed sophisticated and complex investigations. He was the go-to man for advice.  On several occasions, I had the opportunity to observe Dan dealing with people in various situations including; suspects, victims, witnesses, friends, and strangers. Many times Dan would truly impress me with his ability to be fair, compassionate and his understanding of people.
Since he’s been a judge, I’ve had many opportunities to sit in and watch Dan as he presides over cases. I am continually impressed by his understanding, compassion, knowledge, and fairness. Again, I fully support and endorse Judge Dan Baranoski.”

Personal Endorsements:

  • Jeff Aster, Former Narcotics Agent PA Office of Attorney General

     “I would absolutely vote for Dan Baranoski. I have known him personally and professionally for over 25 years, it would be hard to find another person with his integrity and his sense of balance and fairness from the bench. He possesses common sense, which isn't that common any more, and his long and decorated career in law enforcement is the perfect foundation for his judgeship.  Best of luck Dan, and God Bless you and your family.”

  • Diane Flaherty, Owner of All Service Abstract

     “I own a business in Penndel and have known Dan for a long time.  From the time he was a police officer, an undercover officer, detective and judge.  I also have the pleasure of knowing his lovely wife Kathy.  Dan has the best work ethic, he is positive, fair and respects our justice system.  He is intelligent and works for the benefit of the community he serves.  Vote for Dan Baranoski, he will serve you with respect and sincerity.”

  • Maun  Flanagan RN, CRS, CPS, CFRS

     “I worked closely with Judge Baranoski on the Bucks County Drug and Alcohol Commission while he was Chairman and I was Secretary. He showed an extraordinary amount of positive energy and insight helping Bucks County citizens and the families who suffer from Substance Abuse Disorders. He spent many hours advocating for prevention and treatment for addiction. His knowledge of the system in the county was priceless to have on the board. Judge Baranoski made a lot of change for the good while he was Chairman and I felt proud to serve with him. His commitment to Bucks County is unsurpassed. We need him to continue his work on the bench where he is a caring and fair judge!”

  • Mary Lou Kufta, NAIVE Program Volunteer

     “Judge Baranoski was a Middletown Township Police Detective. He has been successfully fighting the drug epidemic long before it became a  national headline. He developed and organized  NAIVE, a volunteer substance abuse education organization. He has promoted drug courts. He invited families and friends to take an active part. It’s benefits were many. I am one of those parents having lost my son, Adam to Heroin. He gave us a mission that helped give a purpose to our losses. It was a successful program. I can confirm lives were saved!  He is a true community leader, with passion and integrity. I am grateful for his service and dedication, to keep our neighborhoods safer for all, while also finding assistance for our addicts. “  

  • Joe Michalski, Owner of JR Michalski Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

“Dan has my support and my vote!  Very proud to have him as our judge!”

  • Mark Moffa, Chair of the Penndel Democrats

“As chair of the Penndel Democrats, I was pleased to host Daniel Baranoski at our candidate screening and proud to endorse him for re-election.  His impressive record as an effective and impartial judge speaks for itself.  His resume is overwhelming!  We’re so lucky to have him right here in Penndel.  Thank you for all you do, your honor!”

  • Kevin Seifert, Owner of K. E. Seifert, Inc. Plumbing, Heating, AC & Utility Contractor

     “I have known Dan since 2001.  He is fair-minded and works hard to enforce the law with knowledge and compassion. His career in Law Enforcement has given him an insight to sit on the Bench and Judge with an open mind while following the guidelines of the law.  I have also served with Dan on the Middletown Community Foundation and the Bucks County Community Foundation for many years and have seen his work for the community. I support Dan in his run for another Term for District Court 07-01-07 while wishing him the best of luck in the future.”  

  • Beverly Wolfe

“You’ve done a great job for the citizens of this area without partiality and with fairness and dignity.  I am proud to endorse you.  Thank you for your service Judge Baranoski.  You have my vote.”

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